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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What types of food do you supply?

    TommY D's Catering offers a wide range of down home comfort cousins, from finger foods to elegant plating. See photo examples by clicking the photo gallery tab. Catering services are not limited to photos displayed.

  2. What area do you service?

    TommY D's Catering, services most  San Diego County Areas. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail to see if we service your area.

  3. How much time do I need to secure catering services?

    Events accommodating parties of 2 to 20 - Minimum of 5 day advance notice required.

    Events accommodating parties of 20 to 50 - Minimum of 1 weeks advance notice required.

    Events accommodating parties larger than 50 - Minimum of 2 weeks advance notice required.

  4. What's the pricing?

    Pricing is determined by the logistics of the event. (Consultation needed).

  5. Deposits and Retainers

    A retainer is required, as well as a deposit. If the event is cancelled or our services are no longer needed. Please contact TommY D's Catering within 72 hours to receive your deposit refund, minus retainer.

  6. What happens if I change my mind after I have given a retainer and deposit for catering services?

    Once TommY D's Catering have received a deposit and you feel you no longer want to go forward with our services, you have 72 hours before your agreement is final. Your deposit, minus the retainer will be refunded.

  7. Do you supply servers etc.?

    Full ensemble available for selective events.

  8. Do you sell individual items?

    Yes, a selective few. Please see our Web Store.

  9. May I speak with a representative?

    Please phone: 619-306-8178 Mon - Sat 8am to 6pm and leave a detailed message or E-mail: and a representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

  10. Can I order Items from the site?

    YES! Of course you can (By Delivery Only)
      + Just select your item(s)
      + Place them in the Web Cart
      + Make sure that all delivery information is correct on the order form
      + Make your payment selection
      + Click Submit

  11. Do you have same day deliveries?

    No. Items ordered from our Featured Items, must be ordered (2) to (4) weeks in advance.

    Catered foods must be retained (3) to (6) weeks in advance.

  12. What happens if I'm not satisfied with my order?

    Contact TommY D's Catering. (see contact info)

  13. What is the difference in ordering Catering Services / Featured Items?

    a. Catering Services are what we provide and can be booked for your public or private event. (consultation needed)

    b. Featured Items can be found at our Web Store and may change time to time. All items must be ordered in advance with a minimum cost requirement of $75. (All purchases are DELIVERY ONLY)

  14. Can I change my mind once I've paid for my order?

    All Web Store sales are final, unless cancelled within the allowed time frame. Once cancelled within the time frame, all cost with the exception of a $7 service charge will be returned to the credit card used to place the original Web Store order.

  15. When will any refunds / deposits be returned?

    All refunds or deopsits will be returned within 3 to 10 business days of the completion of a request transaction. Transactions may be made online by sending an email to

  16. Who and What are selective customers?

    TommY D's reserves the right to choose which catering event(s) that we are able to accommodate. Because we as a delivery only catering service, we must make sure that we do not exceed our weekly event demand. This puts you the consumer in our very special catagory of "Selective Customer"

  17. Payments and Cancellations?

    In our Web Store, no order is final or secured until payment is made. If you want to cancel an order after you've made your payment, a $7 service fee will be charged to the credit card used to purchase the original order. Example: your order is $75, returned to your credit card will be $68.

    When securing catering services, once a deposit and retainer are received and you feel you no longer want to go forward with our services, you have 24 hours before your agreement is final. Your deposit, minus the retainer will be refunded.

  18. Questions still not answered?

    Contact TommY D's Catering by clicking on the tab that says Contact Us. The info@ link will help you get there:

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